As you may have noticed, I have gone against the blurry cobalt blue scheme of headers, and drifted into the black on fire letters. This is in celebration of Richard Roundtree, otherwise known as Shaft. I will post what I can about Shaft, but this page is really for the links.

Maybe you've heard of the man they call John Shaft, maybe you haven't. I'm not going to call myself the worlds biggest Shaft fan, I'm not. But I am a damn big shaft fan. Well, I'm only a fan, I fell asleep 3/4s of the way through Shaft, and I haven't seen "Shaft's Big Score" or "Shaft In Africa" or "Original Gangsters"(Not a true SHAFT film per se, but it does star Richard Roundtree). But the point is. Dammit, I like Shaft, and he is full of fucking cool lines. Check out this page, because, this guy rules, and I'm not going to take credit from him. BTW Shaft is a man. Shaft Page