Yes folks, Pluvius dope, my given pimp name. Once you are confirmed as a pimp, you must take on the name of a notorious pimp, I am a notorious pimp, so I picked my own name. What follows here is a completely un-true(Most of the stuff) account of my life story. I'll try to add pictures so those of you who dont like to read can stay entertained.

I was born on the planet pimpton in 1964.
my father Supafly T.N.T raised me the best a man can when he is living in tough times.At age 4 planet pimpton was invaded by a large force of Guerrilas from the neighboring planet T.

This terrible tragedy left the planet pimpton in shambles. It was up to me Pluvius dope to go to planet Earth. My Father sent me off with a guardian, and it was to planet Earth we journeyed.

The aging process was slowed dramatically, due to the incredible speed of the pimpmobile that pimp-bot 5000 and I were riding in
When I arrived on planet Earth in 1978, I had actually reverted to being a newborn baby. My life continued and I tried to fight the good pimp fight, but it was no use. I had turned into a normal human. I knew that someday I would return to pimpdom and fight that good pimp fight, but for my adolescent years, I was stuck in the antithesis of pimpdom, CATHOLIC SCHOOL. Yes, It was a tragedy.
More Later, for now here is some real info. Im 18, 6'3, 170, Green Eyes, Brown hair. I play lacrosse a lot, and I sleep a lot too. I am really lazy.